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"I appreciate Melanie's ability to initiate thinking processes and to open the "head and the heart" for a creative exchange. At the same time, she succeeds in structuring the ideas and inputs and recording them in an understandable and appealing way. We have benefited greatly from Melanie's guidance in complex reflections on impact management and thank her for her professional contribution to the further development of our foundation."

Manuela Balett, Executive Director Leopold Bachmann Foundation



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"Melanie brought expertise to the Green Alliance network that helped it establish itself well in Latin America and other regions. Her multi-lingual skills were useful in connecting with native language speakers. This was instrumental in bringing people on board the Green Alliance platform. Furthermore, her experience was crucial in helping set up the strategy, processes and the structure of Don Bosco Green Alliance that will be essential in the functioning of the network in the future. We can highly recommend Melanova Fusion to other organizations who wish to set up a worldwide network."

Fr. Savio Silveira, Convener Don Bosco Green Alliance


"Within a very short time span, Melanie Troxler identified the needs of the Catholic Church of the City of Lucerne in the area of sustainable development and inter-church exchange and found practical and innovative solutions for them. Based on an analysis of the status quo, she defined strategic areas of action and set up the project management for a result-oriented implementation. In doing so, she created the structures for implementation with her participatory approach and motivated the staff and governing bodies to be a part of it with her inspiring manner and social skills. We thank Melanie for her commitment, her professional implementation and can highly recommend her to other organizations. "

Karin Weber, Sustainability Officer at Catholic Church of Lucerne


"The workshop with Melanie Troxler helped us to find out where we want to go with the company and what practical steps we need to take to get there. We have already implemented a large part of these changes. We are already seeing many positive effects and can recommend Melanie Troxler hightly."

Christian Macek, Online Marketing Partner GmbH

"Melanie Troxler provided comprehensive strategic advice to our organization of Sister Consolata Graber in Brazil. Her advice was successful in every respect and we have already been able to implement some of her recommendations and are realizing further measures in the near future."  


Monica Brusa President CECRIS


"Melanie Troxler stands out for her professional and at the same time cordial way of dealing with teams. In addition, she always brought great interest and sensitivity in understanding the culture and dynamics of the context. Her governance services made it possible to establish a new way of thinking in the different management levels within Ciudad Don Bosco."

Fr. Rafael Bejarano, Former Director of Ciudad Don Bosco, Colombia


"Melanie Troxler supported me in making important decisions. I was able to go through a process with her that suddenly made many points seem very clearly. As a small company, economic and personal aspects are very close to each other. It was very helpful for me to be able to use the professional and creative coaching and especially the neutral position of Melanie Troxler. I am very happy to recommend her." 


Regula Fritz, Graphic Bar 


"The company Melanova GmbH, represented by Ms. Melanie Troxler, has represented our organisation to the outside world with a lot of commitment and passion, thus providing valuable impulses that have helped Chance for Children in its further development (fundraising & volunteering). Furthermore, we received support in the elaboration and further development of parameters to measure our level of impact or the development of funding plans."


Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah, Managing Director Chance for Children

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