Don Bosco

Green Alliance

Young people around the world take action in protecting our earth. They plant trees, recycle, reduce waste and bring awareness to society.

Melanova Fusion helps to connect organisations and individuals around the world to persue the same goals.

Social Impact through Governance

Ciudad Don Bosco is an organisation in Medellin, Colombia attaining more then 1500 vulnerable children. They offer one of the leading programs for street children and children of the armed conflict.

Their professionalism is outstanding. Through the realisation of a governance assessment they dealt with topics like integrity, risks and mission management to increase their sutainability and impact. Melanova Fusion cooperates with Aid Governance to inrease the social impact through governance.

Ellophanto Trends

Social Business forming unemployed young people in the leather bag trade to give them a living. A combination of hight quality bags, training, life skills and entrepreneurship. 

Melanova Fusion helps to establish the training centre. 



Rankhofstrasse 24

6006 Luzern, SWITZERLAND


Tel: 079 401 58 70