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  1. - Worldwide: Establishment of worldwide sustainability network - Don Bosco Green Alliance

  2. - Switzerland: Development of sustainability strategy for catholic church of Lucerne and their 7 parishes

  3. - Ghana: Development of high donor fundraising, impact measurement and managment of volunteers

  4. - Colombia: Governance process at street children project in Medellin involving more than 100 employees

  5. - Italiy: Training and set up of Social Media Channel


Establishment of global sustainability network

Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international collective of young people from the Salesian Family institutions, who contribute to global environmental action, thought and policy.

Melanova Fusion accompanied DBGA during two years and brought in the following services:

Set up of  strategy to expand the DBGA worldwide especially in Spanish speaking countries.

- Workshop with stakeholders to further elaborate the vision, mission, target group and strategy of Don Bosco Green Alliance.

Establishing communication channels in Spanish and Portuguese together with volunteers of the congregation and taking part in the creative process to establish the marketing and campaigning strategy.

- Representation of DBGA in decision taking events, conferences and meetings in Latin America and Europe.

- Consulting services to set up the structure and processes globally, regionally and locally.

- Build up the regional and local teams to take the mission of DBGA forward - especially in Latin America and Europe.

- Served as a contact person for Spanish, French, Portugues, English and German speaking members till the structure had been established and integrated by the whole congregation. Today the DBGA network counts with more then 350 members from over 70 countries.

Reference paper for Melanova Fusion

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Sustainability Strategy for Catholic Church of Lucerne

Through the innovation fund of the Catholic Church of Lucerne (KKSL) a 1-year-long project was launched to further develop the sustainability strategy. Melanova Fusion offered her consulting and managment services 

and the following milestones among others could be achieved in 1 year:

Internal process

- Assessment and analysis of the current situation and definition of strategy

- Establishment of whole project management and structure.

- Conducting of participative processes to involve the employees of the whole organization divided into 7 different parishes.

- Introduction and approval process of environmental management system

- Participative workshops with team to plan the implementation and structure.

- Establishment of Environmental Guidelines through an organizational process.

- Production of tutorial videos of the process

- Initiation of biodiversity project


External process

- Workshops with stakeholders on what the role of the church in the environmental crisis is, as well as an coordinating event for the climate campaign at the citiy of Lucerne. The gathering was the start of a collaboration between 14 organzations in the city of Lucerne.

- Coordination of stakeholders for Climate Campaigns as well as establishment of online work structure.


Communication and Marketing:

- Photo documentation of surroundings of churches

- Promotion of Climate Talks

- Communication concepts for campaigns and sustainability department.

- Writing of articles for different communicaiton channels 

Social Impact through Governance

Ciudad Don Bosco is an organisation in Medellin, Colombia attaining more then 1500 vulnerable children. They offer one of the leading programs for street children and children of the armed conflict in Colombia.


Melanie Troxler offered her consulting services toghether with the foundation Aid Governance to inrease the social impact of Ciudad Don Bosco. She lead through the prosess, including the participation of more than 100 employees. The following outcomes could be reached:

- Her governance services made it possible to establish a new way of thinking in the different management levels within Ciudad Don Bosco.

- The governance processes allowed a greater articulation inside the whole system of Ciudad Don Bosco.

- Through the realisation of the governance assessment employees dealt with topics like integrity, risks and mission management to increase the sutainability and impact of Ciudad Don Bosco.

Reference paper in Spanish from the former Director of Ciudad Don Bosco

Kinder Zahlen Lernen in der Schule

Chance for Children is an organization for the rehabilitation of street children that has been active in Ghana for over 20 years. It consists of an NGO in Ghana, a foundation and an association in Switzerland.

Melanova Fusion supported Chance for Children between August 2018 to July 2020 with the follwoing services and activities:

- Event Management: Team support for sponsor events, such as the 20 year anniversary celebration in February 2019 or the event for the major sponsors in August 2019.
- Volunteer Engagement: Management of CFCs volunteer group "CFC Friends" and reorganization of volunteer work.
- Fundraising: Operational management of the individual project steps, from the development and maintenance of a target list, initial contact with selected organizations, preparation of applications, tracking of submitted applications to the final closing and reporting.
- In addition, CFC received consulting services in the elaboration and further development of parameters to measure their impact and the development of financial and funding plans.

Reference paper for Melanova Fusion



Social Media Communication
The Florence Art Studio


The mission of the Florence Art Studio is to evolve the academic training of artists in the humanist tradition for the continuous renewal of representational art based on aesthetic refinement and beauty.

Melanova Fusion offered the follwoing services:

- Analysis of communication and marketing and recomendations for improvements.

- Establishment of Instagram channel and training of employees.

- Filming and cutting of promotional videos of students for homepage and social media channels.

Reference Paper for Melanova Fusion

Social Media Channels



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