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Get to know the details of the services Melanova Fusion offers:

  1. - Governance & Organizational Development

  2. - Project and Interim Management

  3. - Fundraising Consulting & Management

  4. - Establishment of Communication Strategy

  5. - Start-up-Boost

  6. - Establishment of Networks

  7. - Sustainability Strategy for Organizations

Governance & Organizational Development

      Reducing Governance Gap and Increasing Impact through

  • Definition of fields of work, processes & responsibilities

  • Analysis of structure and creation of organisation chart

  • Leading the process to define the values of the organisation

  • Consulting & process lead for definition of funding focus

  • Leading the process to create the mission statement

  • Creation of organizational handbook

  • Governance assessment and identification of governance gaps between management levels with Aid Governance Tool

  • Analysis of project partners who receive funding (for foundations)

  • Creation of decision-making tools for selection of development projects (for foundations)
    Prozess Optimization through

  • Analysis of processes and optimization

  • Coaching of introduction of CRM and project management tool
    Resilient employees through

  • Resilience training for employees

  • Individual coaching (assessment, decision-making, conflict resolution and potential development)


Project Management

       Increasing efficiency & meeting goals of project through

  • Analysis of status quo and target definitions of project

  • Elaboration of project plan

  • Elaboration of PPP for the promotion of the project

  • Definition of processes and responsibilities

  • Budget preparation

  • Establishment of indicators and impact measurement

  • Coaching of members of project team

  • Development of indicators and impact measurement

  • Creation of a monitoring system

  • Creation of controlling instruments

  • Evaluation of project and elaboration of final report



       Securing Funds through

  • Creation of fundraising strategy

  • Creation of fundraising documents

  • Creation of organizational presentation

  • Establishing Budget & financial planning

  • Researching foundations

  • Contacting foundations

  • Accessing the network of Melanova Fusion

  • Coaching & training of employees


Communication & Marketing

      Target group oriented communication through

  • Creation of stakeholder analysis

  • Elaboration of personas

  • Creation of communication concept

  • Supporting of creation of homepage content

  • Consulting for selection of communication channels



      Professional set up of organization through consulting

      & coaching services to

  • Elaborate financing and liquidity planning

  • Prepare business plan

  • Choose organisational form

  • Elaborate project planning

  • Elaborate marketing concept

  • Analysing risks

  • Improve your self-management & communication skills


Establishment of networks (local & international)

       Professional set up of networks through

  • Development of strategy for network development

  • Stakeholder analysis & approach for network development

  • Creation of multilingual communication (E, Sp, F, G, I)

  • Creation of presentation materials for involvement of partners

  • Interim management for initial phase of development

  • Establish structure, introduction of processes and definition of strategy


Sustainability Strategy

       Improve environmental performance through

  • Analysis of status quo and definition of goals and strategy to become more sustainable.

  • Coaching through process of implementation of strategy

  • Establish communication to involve and sensitize employees

  • Coaching the introduction of the environmental management system Green Cock

  • Moderating climate talks


Ad Interim Management upon request