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I support non-profit organisations at home and abroad in all phases of impact-oriented project management: analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation. Together we develop all the tools you need to strategically plan change processes in socially challenging contexts, to design them sustainably and to measure the impacts achieved.

I offer my workshops, coaching and consulting in German, English and Spanish. They are characterised by my enthusiasm for effective learning processes and a relationship-oriented view of people. The jointly developed tools and processes are implementable and tailored to your specific needs. I have expertise in systemic organisational and team development, transactional analysis and an extensive network of specialists.

Benefit from my many years of experience in international cooperation in the areas of democracy promotion, gender equality, education, children's rights and sustainable development.


MARIA LEHMANN with her superpower impact

Consultant, trainer and evaluator in development cooperation, transactional analysis consultant in the field of organisation, graduate social scientist

Alma Cilurzo.jpeg

ALMA CILURZO with her superpower communication

Online Communication & Marketing Consultant,
Customer Journey Expert

Bachelor in Business Administration Communication & Online Marketing, SVEB1 AEB

Lecturer HF KV Basel and RE/MAX Real Estate Academy Rothenburg

Self-employed singer and songwriter

I help companies to develop their digital presence and with inclusion of customer needs,

extend it along the entire customer journey. I analyze critical touchpoints in the customer journey, which pose challenges in both offline and online communication.

My broad expertise includes Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Tiktok)

especially SEO, websites, Google Ads, video and newsletter marketing.

With my support, your organization will gain long-term visibility online. My goal is to help you on your way to a better digital presence. My help for self-help enables internal employees to immediately implement what they have learned operationally. I am happy to accompany you in this process.


SABINE GREBIEN with her superpower values

I have been an entrepreneur since 2002 and am a guide to "Best Performance".
on the road. In my luggage I have over 20 years of line and leadership experience on national and
and international paths. I encourage to implement personal and entrepreneurial ideas,
and give impulses for a new understanding of leadership roles. I am a companion
for personalities and organisations in matters of "values". Renowned companies and NGOs
use my expertise in processes of renewal and change, in brand and
and positioning processes and in the anchoring of values-based culture, leadership and
excellence in companies.
I am also an author, among others for Gabal Verlag. "Measuring Values - Successfully
Designing change successfully", "Values-based cultural change in the public sector".
"Decades of experience have shaped in me the firm conviction that best performance can only be achieved if companies have a soul, see a purpose in what they do, have a strong will to achieve something great together and are courageous to change our world for the better."
This work and the many interesting people I meet along the way are worth getting up for every morning!


Management consultant, brand management, behavioural trainer FHNW, federally certified trainer

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