We all have to deal with challenges and obstacles. For some it might be the lack of food. For some the lack of affection. But everybody can share something...a talent, knowledge, love, monetary resources, compassion, a home, openness to listen, an advice, time and so on.

Social engagement is versatile and gives back more then you expect.


Every action we take has an effect - doing or not doing something.

Pointing at each other doesn't solve any problems. Awareness does.

Every little contribution is helping.

Let's have fun in protecting our home: EARTH


"The economic theory and practice has to be legitimised as well as limited by a higher goal like PUBLIC GOOD." A consensus, starting by Aristoteles,  to Thomas von Aquin up to Adam Smith as well as written in most of our constitutions.

Values for a fruitful collaboration

I best work in honest, fair and collaborative environments. I strongly believe that we can all learn from each other if we dare to listen. There are no mistakes but new experiences and learnings that we gain throughout the process in our daily work and lives. I don't think that there is a final answer to everything, but life is a process where we all try to give our best. I like to collaborate with engaged people who believe in the good of humanity and that we are capable of change to take care of each other and our mother earth.


"Life is like this ceiling in the Uffizi in Florence. There are thousands of lights, shadows and forms, that are necessary to create together this masterpiece of harmony, beauty and lightfullness." Melanie Troxler